This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions


Accommodation options in Moscow range from a bunk bed in a shared hostel room in a suburb where prices start from RUR 200 per night to luxury suites at five-star hotels facing the Kremlin where one-night stay may cost RUR 250,000.

Hotel prices do not depend much on the season but may be higher in early May and from late December through mid-January. 

Many hotels offer European value for money. To avoid disappointment, check other guests’ comments before booking.

To hire a flat (a studio) will cost you from RUR 2000 per night or from RUR 30,000 per month.

If sightseeing is the main reason for your visit to Moscow, it is better to settle inside the Garden Ring or near a metro station since reaching the centre from remote districts by surface public transport may take an hour or so. (See our City Pattern & Landmarks section and other relevant sections.)

From the point of view of environmental conditions and infrastructure, west and south-west of Moscow are the most comfortable areas.

So far, Moscow authorities do not charge any tourist tax.

Office rent rates start from several hundred roubles per day at a coworking space and tend to infinity at centrally located business centres.

Four Seasons HotelFour Seasons Hotel stands next to Red Square and the Kremlin, Moscow’s principal tourist attractions. Prices here reflect the nodal location.

 accThese backpackers failed to book a hotel. Not a severe problem in summer.



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