This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions

Seven Sisters

 Lomonosov University tower on Sparrow Hills is the most impressive of the Seven Sisters or Stalin’s skyscrapers built in 1950s. Before 1990, it was the tallest building in Europe. For the best glimpse of the building, go to Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) viewing deck near the same-name metro station To reach the deck, go to the same-name metro station (line 1, red.) Take the northern exit from the station and proceed along the embankment to the cableway which will take you to the deck. You may also take the southern exit from metro and turn left to find the ascending path which will eventually take you to an alley. Turn right and walk about half kilometre to the deck.

1 Leninskie Gory. Metro Vorobyovy Gory or Universitet (line 1, red.)

UniversityFor the best view of the University building, go to the Sparrow Hills viewing deck.

Another “sister” - which often appears in TV news from Moscow - is the Foreign Ministry tower. This building is best seen from the other side of Garden Ring or from the other bank of the Moskva River.

32/34 Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square. Metro Smolenskaya (line 3, navy blue or line 4, light blue.)

The “sister” on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment is a residential building with about 700 apartments. It is best seen from the “bridge to nowhere” in Zaryadye Park or from a river tour boat.

1/15 Kotelnicheskaya Embankment. Metro Taganskaya (line 5, brown, line 7, purple) or Marksistsaya (line8, yellow)

Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel on Komsomolskaya Square, the smallest of the sisters, is notable for its rich interior design.

21/40 Kalanchevskaya Street. Metro Komsomolskaya (line 1, red or line 5, brown)



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