This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions

By train

Direct train services link Moscow with 16 countries in Europe and Asia. The city is also the country’s busiest railway hub.

In terms of comfort, long-distance train carriages operated by Russian Railways range from luxury double-birth compartments with private bathrooms to couchette carriages where passengers cannot expect any privacy. New commuter trains have comfortable seats and good climate control systems, but obsolete carriages with rough benches are still in use on some routes.

International and long-distance local trains arrive at nine terminals. Mind that they do not stop at intermediate stations within the city limits.

Mind that you will need your passport to book long-distance train tickets and board the trains.

All train terminals are located near metro stations.


Oddly enough, the names of three Moscow's train terminals and relevant stations indicated on tickets are not the same. Moscow-Smolenskaya station means Belorussky terminal, Moscow-Oktyabrslaya is Leningradsky terminal and Moscow-Butyrskaya refers to Savelovsky terminal.

If you need a taxi, ask your train crew to book it for you or book it online. The most popular taxi online services in Moscow are Uber, Yandex Taxi and Gett. Mind that using Uber's website and some other similar applications in Moscow will require some knowledge of Russian. Deals with drivers who flock at the terminals and metro stations pose risks considerable overcharge.

Vagrants who hang around the train terminals are usually harmless, but travellers should beware of pickpocketing.

For more information and ticket booking, see the Russian Railways website.



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