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Entry visas


Visa requirements may vary from country to country while nationals of certain countries do not need any visa at all. The requirements may change at short notice.

For updated information, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation official website. Go to the bottom of the front page and select the country of your citizenship or print the name of the country in the box above the map. Select the embassy or the nearest consulate in the right column of the next page, click on their website address and find a visa requirements link. Follow the link for official and updated information.

Do not rely upon any information related to visa requirements published by unofficial sources since it may be outdated and (or) misleading.

Obtaining a Russian visa may be a time-consuming and challenging process, nevertheless, we strongly recommend to avoid assistance of companies and individuals who offer a “prompt and trouble free” visa obtaining.

Upon arrival to Russia, you will need to register with the local authorities. Normally, your hotel staff, your landlord or your employer should register you free of charge. The registration rules may change at very short notice. Ask the person who is going to grant your registration which documents will be required.



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