This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions


Although the Interior Ministry repeatedly reports of crimes declines, Moscow is not the safest city in the world.

Pickpocketing and mugging happen in crowds, overnight trains, at train stations, airports, and tourist attractions.

At night, avoid openly carrying expensive items that may identify you as a wealthy person.

Drivers should beware of smash-and-grab thefts from parked cars and of staged accidents.

Incidents of violence are usually linked to criminal activities and not directed at ordinary people.

Racist and nationalist or other hate groups may be active at times, so people of Asian or African descent should take care.

Drinking alcohol with strangers may result in drugging and subsequent robbery.

In case of emergency, call 112 (any emergency), 101 (fire), 102 (police) or 103 (ambulance).

Always carry your passport with you. You will also need it to book air tickets and long-distance train tickets, SIM cards, or to prove your age when buying cigarettes or alcohol, or visiting certain restaurants, pubs and clubs. Passport is also required when you buy over 15,000 roubles for foreign currency or set up a bank account.



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