This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions


Good news for smokers: cigarettes are rather cheap in Russia. А packet of red Marlboro costs around RUR 169 only. Tobacco products of all major international brands are available.

Duty-free import is limited to 200 cigarettes per person.

Cigarettes are sold only at licensed shops including all major supermarkets. If you still look young, be ready to show your passport to prove that you are older than 18.

Smoking is not allowed at almost all public premises. Avoid taking a draw on a cigarette near a children's playground or closer than 15 meters from a metro station or a bus stop. Fines range from RUR 500 to RUR 3000.

Vaping is not legally banned, but it is better to abstain from it in public places.

Smoke to satiety before entering an airport terminal on your way back since there are no smoking areas at Moscow air harbours.



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