This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions

Chain restaurants

For an inexpensive lunch or dinner, call at one of Varenichnaya (Вареничная) restaurants, most of which are centrally located. The Ukrainian word vareniki stands for dumplings usually stuffed with cottage cheese, meat, potato or berries. The chain also offers another kind of dumplings called pelmeni, as well as a variety of salads, main courses and desserts. Their borsch is very good. A three-course lunch for one will cost you from about RUR 800.

Chain restaurantsVarenichnaya restaurants offer very good borsch and main courses at reasonable prices.

Chaikhona No. 1 (Чайхона №1) is an extensive chain specialising in the Middle Asian cuisine with pilaffs in the focus. Try also their lagman – a thick soup with meat, noodles and vegetables and finish your dinner with an oriental dessert. Be prepared to pay at least RUR 1000 for a full dinner or lunch.

Butcher, a chain of centrally-located steakhouses, once advertised “the most expensive burgers in Moscow.” Since then, they have not reduced the prices, but connoisseurs say their meat is worth the money. Try also their Kamchatka crab at the cost of an overnight stay at a four-star hotel. Alternatively, have a good chunk of meat at one of Torro Grill restaurants whose prices are more affordable.



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