This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions

Fast food and self-service

Global chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC prevail in the city, but some local operators manage to compete successfully with them. To feel the spirit of a Moscow middlebrows’ kitchen, visit a Mu-Mu (My-My) or Bratya Karavaevy (Братья Караваевы) restaurant. Both chains offer extensive menus at very reasonable prices. A repast at these restaurants costs around RUR 500 per person.

Prime cafes are focused on “healthy food”. The chain has about 70 outlets in Moscow offering food without artificial colours, taste boosters or other artificial ingredients, the chain’s website claims, adding that Prime is the only “fast casual” chain in Moscow.

mu muHave a bite at Mu-Mu restaurant to feel the spirit of a Moscow middlebrows’ kitchen.



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