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Pubs and beer restaurants

Most pubs in Moscow are both watering holes and eateries.

Kruzhka (Кружка), the cheapest chain, with outlets mostly in residential areas, offers main courses at prices within RUR 500 and hefty dishes for two at less than RUR 800. Their beer selection represents all major styles including locally brewed craft beers.

pubFacades and interiors of Kruzhka pubs are lacklustre, but their beers and food are not bad, relative to their prices.

Kozlovica (Козловица), Kozlovna and Pilsner (Пильзнер) chains have several centrally located restaurants which offer Czech-like cuisine and Czech beer brands brewed in Russia or imported. Main course prices start from around RUR 600. These restaurants are worth visiting for a shot of hruskovice pear brandy, knowledgeable people say.

Zhiguli (Жигули) restaurant mimics the Soviet-time beer-drinking traditions. A tour to the past is rather expensive, the cheapest main course costs around RUR 700 there.

11 Novy Arbat

fishDried vobla or taran (Caspian roach) is a traditional Russian snack at beer parties.

Most of over 100 Moscow’s British and Irish pubs look more like middle-market restaurants rather than taprooms, and you may expect a good stew or a burger there. An average check at such pubs usually exceeds RUR 1000.

Beer geeks will also easily find one of several hundred craft beer sources in Moscow were menus are often limited to finger food. Our pick is Volki & Elki (Wolves & Fur Trees) pub located in a walking distance from Red Square.

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