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Vegetarian, halal and kosher food

During the Orthodox Lent time (from 2March to 18 April in 2020) most Moocow’s eateries extend their vegetarian menus. Through the rest of the year, all restaurants and cafes offer flesh-free meals.  

Jagannath on is the oldest vegetarian café in Moscow. Now the company has eight outlets in the city, most of which are centrally located and offer descent food at almost giveaway prices. Some visitors say the food and service at Jagannath could be better.

Two Avocado vegetarian cafes are also located in the city centre. They are somewhat more expensive than Jagannath and their menus are shorter, but the quality of food has deserved better vegetarians’ comments.

Many restaurants and cafes in Moscow offer halal products along with other food. Dozens if not hundreds of eateries ranging from street kiosks to up-market restaurants specialise on halal food.

Lebanon House (Ливанский дом) chain has two restaurants in walking distance from the Kremlin, one at 5 Teatralny Proezd and the other at 1 Maneznaya Square. These restaurants are among very few places which offer cardamom scented coffee brewed in jezve.

Bardak café at 6/8 Maroseyka Street offers Turkish food which, according to Muscovites who visited Turkey, do not differ much from that in Istanbul, but prices are higher in Moscow.

Jerusalem restaurant on the top floor of a synagogue at 6 Bolshaya Bronnaya Street offers views of the central Moscow. The cuisine is more Caucasian than Jewish, some visitors say. Nevertheless, many guests praise their humus and Israeli wine.

Tel-Aviv restaurant at 30 Tsvetnoy Boulevard is known for Israeli and Mediterranean specialities, but it also offers food popular among European and Middle Asian Jews.

Jaffa restaurant at Afimall City shopping centre is also known for Mediterranean cuisine while some Odessa specialities like borsch and vareniky enrich its menu.



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