This comprehensive travel guide will lead you through Moscow far beyond its postcard attractions


Foreign Books House (Дом иностранной книги) offers about 20,000 titles and claims you may buy a book in a foreign language here the same day it is released elsewhere in Europe.

18/7 Kuznetsky Most. Metro Kuznetsky Most (line 7, purple.)

Bookbridge store also focuses on books in foreign languages including Russian titles translated into English.

7 Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street. Metro Novokuznetskaya (line 2, green.)

Biblio-Globus (Библио-Глобус) is one of the largest and the most crowded bookshops in the city centre. The English-language collection is limited here, but the choice of art albums, posters, postcards and souvenirs is rather impressive.

6/3 building 1 Myasnitskaya Street. Metro Lubyanskaya (line 1, red)

Moskva (Москва) is another centrally located bookworms’ mecca with a rich second-hand books department.

8/2 building 1 Tverskaya Street. Mero Tverskaya (line 2, green,) or Pushkinskaya (line 7, purple) or Chekhovskaya (line 9, grey.)

Moscow Books House (Московский дом книги) is the flagship store of a chain offering over 200,000 titles. It also has good stationary and gift departments.

8 Novy Arbat. Metro Arbatskaya (line 3, navy blue or line 4, light blue.)



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